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First I choose my bag, then I choose my outfit

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When it's time to choose my outfit, I first pick the bag I want to use and then choose the clothes that match it.

The definition of the word accessory has two meanings:

An object or device that is not essential in itself but adds to the beauty, convenience, or effectiveness of something else auto accessories clothing accessories;

A thing of secondary or lesser importance

For me the accessories, specially the bags are the most important touch of my look, because it allow me to add beauty and acts like my statement piece of my look, in that order when it's time to choose my outfit, I first pick the bag I want to use and then I choose the clothes that match it.

Statement pieces define your personal style. They give an identity to your personal brand. Think of bloggers and fashion editors at one end of the spectrum whose personal style is portrayed for the world to see. They all have go-to pieces that define who they are fashion-wise, like Anna Wintour’s sunglasses or French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt’s array of jackets. Then think of yourself and the items in your wardrobe: There are certain pieces you wear that stand out no matter what you pair them with.